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Top five reasons to do a photo session this Fall:

1. Your kids are this age only once. Every stage in our kiddos’ lives is slightly different. Personalities, height, likes/dislikes, and even how they smile! For example, my oldest son just got braces a month ago. It’s a huge deal for him and we want to remember this stage! My youngest is still sooo cuddly and loving. Our family photos this year reflect these aspects of our current family life. I will treasure each year’s photos forever (and someday my boys will too!)
2. The vibrant beautiful leaves of Fall are the ideal backdrop for photos. Then you add in some golden sun and the mixture is perfection. 
3. Layering with textures (scarves, sweaters, vests...etc.)  looks great all year round in photos. But Fall is the ideal time for layering because you will want to bundle up for the cooler weather!
4. Updated photos of the kids printed and ready to enjoy are fantastic gifts for the holidays. I love photo gifts for my family. Small keepsake photo books with updated images, prints for their…

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