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4 Reasons NOT to Take a Photography Class ;)

It's no secret that I love photography and my job. I find incredible joy in creating lasting memories for both my children and my clients (as many of YOU know!). I have my photos blown up big on my walls so we can all see them and I smile when I see them. I really do. Now, many of you know I'm also an educator. I have both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Music Education. I've taught in schools and now teach piano privately in my home. Teaching and helping others learn has always been a passion of mine. 
I recently combined my and teaching (and some of you have already started learning with me!).  Below are some reasons why these classes might not be for you....1. You really love reading your camera manual and find it really easy to learn from. Forget reading fiction or the latest best-seller. This Spring Break you are going to take your camera manual to the beach and break it out frequently to catch some light reading. Ahhh....nothing like …

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