Clouds can make perfection.

You have your dream weather in your mind for your photo session, don't you?(I know I do!) Sun flare in the background of your family surrounded with a golden glow from the setting sun. Yes, that's gorgeous. That's ideal! But you know what is also gorgeous? A cloudy day. Yes, that's right. I said a cloudy day. Weird, right? Well, a cloudy day means no strange shadows on faces from the sun and vibrant colors in your photographs.

Truly do not be afraid of a cloudy day. In fact, don't be afraid of a day after a rain either. Wet pavement provides the opportunity for beautiful reflections.

Now I'm not a weather person and I never claim to be one. I WISH I could change the weather when the forecast looks rainy for our session time. I will reschedule if it's a high chance of rain. However, way! It truly makes for gorgeous sessions. Don't believe me? Check out the photos below. All were taken within in the last few weeks on cloudy, overcast days. Clouds truly can make perfection in a session!

I cannot wait to continue photographing your beautiful families this Fall! I'm humbled by all the wonderful relationships I've made with amazing local families. Want me to capture your family this Fall? Contact me!