4 Reasons NOT to Take a Photography Class ;)

It's no secret that I love photography and my job. I find incredible joy in creating lasting memories for both my children and my clients (as many of YOU know!). I have my photos blown up big on my walls so we can all see them and I smile when I see them. I really do. Now, many of you know I'm also an educator. I have both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Music Education. I've taught in schools and now teach piano privately in my home. Teaching and helping others learn has always been a passion of mine. 

I recently combined my passions....photography and teaching (and some of you have already started learning with me!). 

Below are some reasons why these classes might not be for you....

1. You really love reading your camera manual and find it really easy to learn from. 

Forget reading fiction or the latest best-seller. This Spring Break you are going to take your camera manual to the beach and break it out frequently to catch some light reading. Ahhh....nothing like the small print and technical jargon to accompany the sound of crashing waves. 

2. Your kids aren't really growing that much and will probably look the same in a year. 

No need to document their lives right now because next year it will all be the same. You can just take photos then! That missing tooth will still be missing next year. Those baby cheeks last for years, right?! 

3. You are already an expert with your DSLR camera. 

You have a camera like the one in the photo above (any brand) and you have mastered it completely. Every setting, mode, button is in your memory and you have nothing left to learn. You want to call me and say, "Sorry, Betsy, I could teach this class!"

4. You don't really like the idea of having beautiful photographs of your kiddos' everyday lives that you can someday pass on to them. 

You have photos of the major events and holidays and that's good enough. No need to remember what their everyday lives looked like. 

All right, so now that you've read the reasons above for why NOT to take a photography class, I hope you can sense my humor ;) and know that I'm here and I'm passionate about educating parents on how to capture their kids in everyday life in a beautiful and creative way to help tell the stories of their childhood. 

Please go find your camera and grab some more info on classes here. 


  1. I believe, attending photography class will help you growing your career. There are many things you will not be able to know by just going through the manual. Of course, manuals are helpful but still you are new and passionate about photography, then you should take a course. What will takes you 6 months to learn, you can easily learn that part by attending a photography course.


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